Destination Wedding: How to organizing a wedding in Tuscany

Many are the couples who choose to celebrate their dream wedding in Tuscany.

An area rich in tradition and beauty, hospitable and welcoming, offering beautiful scenery and a range of services that can accommodate newlyweds from all over the world.

Therefore organizing a wedding in Tuscany is a dream for those who chose this region as the location.

If you, too, want to celebrate your wedding in the Tuscan hills but have no idea how to go about getting organized, try following these tips.


How to create the suitable location


The region offers many scenarios and locations where you can organize your wedding.

Many spouses, especially those who choose the Destination Wedding in Tuscany experience,  prefer beautiful castles, quaint villages and villas among the Tuscan hills.

A choice often dictated by organizational convenience, in fact, many times accommodations are also made available for the bride and groom and guests, which makes managing the event much easier.


Typical menu


If you have decided to get married in Tuscany, you should choose typical regional dishes, relying on traditional cuisine.

In this way you’ll have a rich and varied menu for your wedding, which will satisfy the needs of all guests.

Tuscany, in fact, is not only famous for steaks; in addition to meats, legumes, cheeses and cured meats, it also boasts many traditional recipes aimed at vegetarians, vegans and gluten-intolerant people.

You can complete your wedding lunch or dinner with the best Tuscan wines and typical desserts.


Why turn to a wedding planner for your wedding in Tuscany?


If you live far from Tuscany and can’t keep up with the preparations, the best solution is to entrust the organization of your wedding to a wedding planner.

Thanks to the help of this professional you wont need to worry about anything, she will help you choose the location, menu, flowers, decorations, music, photographer and everything that will be important for the event.

An experienced wedding planner is a safe guide at every stage of the wedding preparations, offering all her professionalism and services so that the end result is simply perfect.

What can you do to help? Define the event program, confirm the most suitable location, worry about the set-up and design, manage all vendors, ensure adequate space for the number of guests, take care of the entertainment, and be present on the wedding day to handle any last-minute problems.

Also, if you come from abroad, you will have to go through some legal paperwork in order to get married in Tuscany.


Being able to manage everything remotely might be difficult; the wedding planner will take care of collecting all the necessary documents so that you can have your religious or civil ceremony in Italy.

In addition, the Destination Wedding in Tuscany involves a number of extra organizational aspects, such as handling transportation for the bride and groom and their guests and respective accommodations.

And a figure to organize and coordinate this is not only useful, but necessary.

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