Organising one’s own marriage can be both breathtaking and become stressful because of the many things that need managing. Your wedding should be perfectly organized, without you feeling under the pressure of deadlines and logistics of the wedding.

After all, there are so many things to do around wedding planning, from filling out the paperwork to finding suppliers, setting up the venue, the entertainments, and everything else that revolves around the reception.

If you want your wedding to be perfect and want to free yourself from the stress of organisation, turn to a wedding planner.

What does a wedding planner do?

The task of a wedding planner is to plan and coordinate every detail of the couple’s wedding.

A wedding planner is a person who guides the bride and groom through every single step in organizing the wedding, from start to finish.

They are therefore responsible for finding the right suppliers – reliable ones – scheduling and confirming their availability, making all the payments, and monitoring any important documents.

A wedding planner manages communication between the couple and the suppliers, making sure that everything goes according to plan.

Their goal is to take care of the bride and groom, relieving them of stress and making sure that all important tasks are finished in time.

Difference from a wedding designer or wedding coordinator

When searching for a wedding planner you will certainly have come across similar titles, like ‘wedding designer’ or ‘wedding coordinator’.

These are also important positions in the wedding industry. They serve different purposes, but work very well together. Let’s look at them in detail.

Wedding designers: who are they?

The wedding designer only deals with the aesthetic and creative part of the wedding, not the management of contacts and contracts with suppliers.


They are professionals who work on the creative part of the wedding in its entirety. They are in charge of coordinating the image of the wedding, the set-ups, the file rouge and choreographing the whole wedding.

Their ultimate goal is to create a unique atmosphere and fulfil the wishes of the bride and groom, turning the wedding into a dreamlike spectacle.

Wedding coordinators: who are they?

The Wedding Coordinator is someone who first makes contact with the suppliers hired, and is then in charge of coordinating events on the wedding day.

They are present on the wedding day and are a reference point for both the suppliers and the bride and groom.

These professionals are indispensable for enjoying the most beautiful day of your life without having to worry about anything or any last-minute problems.

Which professional should you choose for your wedding day?

All these figures are fundamental for making the wedding work perfectly, but the role of the wedding planner is certainly the most important, and the basis for hiring all other professionals.

Moreover, often the wedding planner is also a wedding designer and wedding coordinator, so when you choose the professional for your wedding, make sure they have all these skills too.

The advantage of having a single professional trained in all roles is that it saves you time and money, and you do not have to worry about coordinating three different figures.

As a wedding planner, I offer a complete service that includes the duties of both wedding designer and wedding coordinator.

I take care of finding the suppliers, all the necessary documentation, all payments, all wedding logistics, as well as the church set-up, the reception location, the decorations, and all creative elements of the event.

In addition, I am present throughout the day of the wedding to make sure everything runs smoothly and perfectly. You can enjoy the best day of your life without worrying about anything.

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