Chiara Toso Wedding Planning & Event Design

Every event needs to be unique, spectacular and unforgettable. Otherwise, it’s not an event.

What do a wedding, a conference, a graduation or a birthday party have in common? Nothing, except one thing. The care and passion that needs be dedicated to their organization. No compromises are accepted. Every event can then truly be regarded as an ‘event’. Senza compromessi. Perché ogni evento sia davvero un evento..

It has to be the most beautiful day of your life. Everything must be perfect.

Whether with family or friends, there is always a way to enjoy spending time together.

Why shouldn't a corporate event be enjoyable and memorable as well?

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Choose a dream location for your wedding in Italy. It’s not only possible but easier than you think.
Due sposi si tengono per mano in un giardino italiano lungo un viale bordato di pini al tramonto