Getting married by the sea is the desire of an increasing number of couples, fascinated by

the atmosphere and dreamy scenery offered by the beach.

The beach wedding offers a unique scenic setting, if you want an unforgettable wedding, it is

undoubtedly one of the best locations in which to organize ceremony and reception.

There are various aspects that you need to consider when organizing your beach wedding,

starting from the choice of theme, to the type of ceremony, civil or symbolic, and the set up

of the various areas designated for the ceremony and banquet.

If you are thinking of getting married at the beach, I recommend that you start by setting an

initial budget to allocate to the various organizational aspects.

As wedding planners they can help you organize your beach wedding while optimizing time

and costs, so that you can focus on the most important aspects of the wedding and enjoy all

the excitement of the moment.

Where to start. As a first thing, you need to know that getting married on the beach in Italy is

legal, the wedding can be celebrated on the beach, but not all locations allow it.

You can get married with a civil ceremony or with a symbolic ceremony, as religious

marriage is only allowed in a church or consecrated place.

In addition, getting married by the sea and holding the reception on the beach also means

choosing the most suitable time and being ready in case of unforeseen events.



Those getting married by the sea need to make an initial assessment regarding the most

appropriate time to hold the wedding.

Most people who choose a beach wedding opt for the summer period, when there is less risk

of precipitation.

However, one should always have a backup plan in case the weather suddenly changes.

Getting married in summer means choosing the times well, avoiding those when the sun is

too strong, and thinking about arranging the location so that guests feel comfortable.

Many couples like to get married at sunset; the play of light at that time makes the moment

even more romantic.

On the other hand, if you prefer to get married in the afternoon, you need to create the best

conditions by setting up marquees decorated according to your chosen theme.



Italy is filled with beautiful beaches, the coasts of our peninsula offer dreamy scenery, finding

the right location will not be difficult at all.

You can opt for a private beach, a terrace with a sea view or a panoramic location with a

breathtaking view of the water.

Having identified the location, you need to study in detail the opportunities it offers in order to

use them to your advantage and adapt them to the theme decided for the setting.

Celebrating the rite on the beach requires a very precise setting, the aisle must be well

highlighted, as well as the spot where the bride and groom and celebrant will stand.

The floral arch is undoubtedly the most suitable choice to frame the moment of the exchange

of vows.

This can be made of natural materials such as bamboo and accompanied by very light

fabrics such as linen or cotton, with added floral decorations.

To embellish the location, candles and flowers. For the latter, I recommend flowers that

evoke Mediterranean atmospheres.

In addition, the setting can be finished with small natural elements in marine style such as

corals, little woods, shells, or with fresh flowers along with dried flowers and plants.



The beach reception should include a lighter proposal than the banquet that is usually

organized during a traditional wedding.

Make sure to choose a caterer that can meet all your needs.

Depending on the mood you choose for the wedding, you can opt for a more traditional

banquet, seated at the table, or standing casual style, perhaps with a finger food appetizer.

All reception decorations will also echo the colors of your chosen inspiration, from the

tableau to the place cards to the centerpiece.

Finally, we need to think about entertainment, in which case the choice totally reflects the

tastes of the bride and groom.

There are those who prefer bands playing live and those who prefer DJs, it will all depend on

the kind of entertainment you want to offer your guests.

Do you want to get married by the sea and have the reception of your dreams on the beach

or in a location with a panoramic view of the water?

Contact me, as a wedding planner I can help you with the entire wedding planning, from the

setup, to the vendors, to the entertainment, I will take care of every detail.