Wedding Planning &

The great day has arrived!
Everything must be perfect.

When planning a wedding, you know which direction you would like it to go, but it’s hard to imagine how to get there. There are many aspects to consider and often a detail can be missed, there may be some things that haven’t been considered. The best approach is to tackle the problem in its entire complexity and then follow it up in stages, solving the solutions together, one bit at a time. By agreeing on and verifying each single detail of the process in person, by phone or with a video call, you can make your dream come true.

Our process starts from the initial planning of the idea, the creative project, following you right through to the design and final execution: the coordination of the wedding event. You can also choose to customise our services according to your needs.

Wedding design

This is the first step of the process. You are the painting and we will design the perfect frame around you. The thinking process of the creative project includes everything: the choice of the colour palette, the planning of the moodboard; the selection of materials and fittings; the mise en place; the composition of the flower decorations with the help of a floral designer; the look&feel of the graphic project for the wedding stationery (menus, tableau, invitations, etc.); the choice of gifts for the guests; the choice of music and of an original and creative setting. We are very careful about sustainability, because the environment needs to be respected. On this note, we can organise elaborate vegetarian or vegan menus, typical dishes with local products from the Farmer’s Market or floral decorations that follow the Slow Flower Movement philosophy.

Wedding planning

The planning of such an important event is perhaps the most delicate phase. We need to not only identify the ideal and most reliable suppliers, but we also need to constantly check that costs are within budget. We take care of all the logistics aspects, such as transfers and overnight stays, and prepare a time line and an accurate agenda, so that everything on the great day runs smoothly and flawlessly. This allows for plenty of time to think about more personal details, such as wedding outfits or rings.

Wedding coordination

The big day has arrived. Why ruin it with needless worries, anxious feelings because you may have overlooked some important detail? In order for everything to work out with Swiss precision, both before, during and at the final closure of the event, let a professional coordinator take care of it. During the coordination phase, time control and management is crucial, making sure any décor, catering or related services are carefully orchestrated. All this is carried out with utmost discretion, because the best direction is always invisible to the guests. As a host, you can relax and enjoy every moment, while we take care of making your wedding experience unforgettable for you and your guests.


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Chiara Toso