How to choose the location of your wedding

One of the most important points during wedding planning is choosing the wedding venue, the place that will be the backdrop for one of the most beautiful days of your life.

Being able to find the perfect place can be hard if you have no idea how to begin making the assessments that will lead to the final choice.

In this, a wedding planner can be very helpful, she/he will be able to give you the best advice proposing a range of options that take into account your requirements and the budget you have available. 

Organizing a wedding can be very stressful indeed, so if you want to enjoy the beauty of the preparations while freeing yourself from stress, turn to the help of a professional.

But let’s see what are all the steps you need to take to choose a wedding venue. 


One of the first things to decide is when the wedding will take place; if you already have an idea of when you want to get married, then you can move directly to the next step.

Deciding on the wedding date is important, as it will affect the guest list, the reception and the overall atmosphere of the wedding.  

In order to confirm a location, it is necessary to know for sure what day the wedding will take place. 

Therefore, even before you go looking for the perfect place, you will need to have clear ideas about the date and time of the wedding. 


Having decided on the date, the choice of location is also influenced by your preferences as a couple.

Will the chosen location host only the reception or also the ceremony? For example, you may wish to get married inside a castle, where you can also organize the reception.

You also need to make these decisions before determining what kind of location you want to look for. Also making a difference is the season in which you have decided to have your wedding. 

If you will have your wedding in summer, you may prefer an outdoor location , if you’ll get married in winter, you might opt for a villa that has a hall for the celebration of the rite and others for holding the reception.


Before even booking the place, it is important to know how many guests the location can accommodate so you can be sure you can accommodate the desired number of people.

When you book a place, be sure to ask about capacity and availability so you can avoid any problems  later.


After establishing all the above steps, you are ready to begin your search for the right wedding venue  for you.

Make a list of potential locations and research the details about each one; this will help you narrow down the list. 

Also, it would be ideal to visit each venue on the list, so that you can get a feel for each location and be sure that everything is as you wish. 


The wedding reception venue is where the celebration will take place, it should convey charm and character, and it can be decorated in any way. It will be the backdrop of your most special memories as a couple.

There are many factors involved in deciding on the most suitable type of venue, but the most important are the guest list, the budget, and the style you would like for your wedding.

For example, if you have a very large guest list and want a seated dinner, you will need a larger venue than if you want a simple wedding reception.  

Where to have the reception? There are several possibilities:

  • Restaurants and hotels: this is the choice that can please everyone, both in terms of taste and budget. From small restaurants in which to hold informal weddings, to luxurious restaurants with large gardens in which to host a large number of guests. Hotels are also great locations, especially when it comes to Destination Wedding.
  • Villas and castles: these are beautiful locations, capable of providing magical atmospheres. A large budget is necessary; they are ideal for formal and luxurious weddings. These venues should be booked well in advance.
  • Reception halls: these are intended precisely for the organization of parties and receptions, there is something for everyone, they offer ample space, and are beautiful and opulent. Ideal if the wedding is celebrated in winter.
  • Farmhouses: for a more informal and budget wedding, but also for those who want to celebrate in a location in the middle of nature.


In addition to the location for the reception, do you also want some suggestions for the wedding venue? If you like to go a little outside the box, you might consider holding the celebration on the beach, in a forest or other natural places. Or why not choose a place that is dear to you?

If you want to opt for something more formal, many parks have beautiful gardens that can host the ceremony, while for a classic choice, churches and religious buildings are popular.

Historic buildings are also often chosen for wedding ceremonies, from castles, to old theaters, and even in halls provided by museums.

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