Organize your wedding in Rome

Organize your wedding in Rome

You live abroad and you’re thinking of celebrating the most special moment of your life in Italy and you’re trying to choose the city?

Do you want to organize your wedding in Rome?

Or, have you decided, at the last moment, to organize a quick wedding with just a few guests?


In every case, the eternal city is without a doubt one of the best destinations where you can celebrate a dream wedding.


There are many different churches and locations where you can get married in Rome, and they all offer different kinds of organization, according to the kind of wedding you want to celebrate?


But where to start to organize a wedding in the capital city?

Get married in Rome: what to do.

If you live in Rome or in another Italian region, what’s the first thing to do? Surely starting to plan well ahead.


Organizing a wedding requires months of preparation, starting from creating the design, planning the ideas, to the definitive program.


What kind of wedding do you want to choose? Which style? A luxurious wedding or a simple one? And what will be better an intimate wedding or one with a lot of guests?

If you want your wedding in Rome to be perfect and especially designed on the basis of your dreams, you shouldn’t overlook any detail. The choice of the location for the wedding reception, of the church for the religious celebration, of the venue for the symbolic ceremony or for the civil rite.  The spouses and the bridesmaids’s clothes, wedding rings, kind of set-up, catering, participations, the tableau and more. You shouldn’t neglect the choice of professionals for the entertainment, the floral set-up, the music, the photographer, the videomaker, etc…


To be able to do everything in the best way possible, without forgetting anything and without having to worry of the many commitments and deadlines, the best advice is to contact a wedding planner in Rome.


A professional figure you fear will take control over your wedding. I want to reassure you that there’s nothing to worry about, because a planner takes care of the commitments, planning and organizing everything in line with the fixed deadlines, finding trusted and responsible suppliers and in the meantime respecting the set budget.


The wedding planner can be entrusted in finding the churches and locations so that the choice can be reduced to a few options. In this way you’ll avoid losing time, and you’ll be able to concentrate on other aspects of the wedding.


Every step from the creation to the planning, to the organization and final coordination will follow the project drawn up with the spouses, turning their dream into a magical reality.


Destination Wedding in Italy in Rome

A wedding planner is vital when we’re talking about Destination Wedding in Italy, that is, the decision of foreign couples to get married in our country.


The term “Destination Wedding” is used to indicate a wedding held abroad or in places far away from home. A trend that in the last years has grown exponentially. Among the most popular destinations chosen by the spouses there is Rome.


Every year the charm and the magic of the eternal city strike in the heart thousands of foreign couples who decide to live their experience of destination wedding in Rome, with friends and relatives.


Getting married in a foreign country gives you the possibility to have a wedding, a vacation and a honey moon in the same place, sharing those moments with people dear to you.  Given the different bureaucratic procedures, possible time zone and the remoteness of the chosen city the risk of unforeseen events and stressful situations are around the corner.


For this reason, a professional wedding planner is crucial for the perfect turn-out of the wedding. The spouses receive bureaucratic and organizational assistance, they haven’t any problems with the language and they have the certainty that every request will be fulfilled.


The professional wedding planner will take care of your guests, their travel and accommodation.




Elopement: escape of love in Rome

Another phenomenon that is finding more and more consensus among future spouses is the Elopement, an intimate celebration of the wedding, with just the officiant and a few guests.


The couples who choose the Elopement Wedding are the ones who prefer to celebrate their wedding with an essential and uncrowded ceremony.


The etymology of the word can be traced back to the term elope, that means run away without looking back.


An example of Elopement Wedding, is the one we’re used to see in Hollywood’s movies, where the two lovers suddenly decide to run away to get married in secret, far away from everyone.


Today, this kind of celebration is mostly chosen from young people. Also, there’re many cases where the wedding has no guests, making the event completely exclusive.


Rome is one of the favorite cities for those who want to make a sudden escape of love and live the dream of getting married.


Is the wedding planner also useful in the case of Elopement Wedding? Definitely, yes. Even a flash wedding deserves a thorough and important organization.


Delegating everything to a professional is the best solution to enjoy the beauty of the adventure of taking a sudden journey and getting married, placing at the center only the love that unites the couple.