matrimonio vegano ecostenibile


Respect for the environment is an increasingly central theme in our daily lives, and those who care particularly about it, want to carry it forward even on their wedding day.

Organising a vegan, eco-friendly and ethical wedding to reduce waste and protect the environment is possible. The important thing is to know how to go about making  choices that are compatible with this type of aim.

In addition, if the bride and groom are vegan, it is possible to make choices in the menu that are compatible with their lifestyle, pleasantly involving the guests as well.

The eco-friendly wedding involves all the aspects of the reception, from choosing invitations to the wedding list, to the general organisation and setting up of the location.

If you are thinking about organizing a vegan and eco-friendly wedding for the most beautiful day of your life, below you will find some helpful tips and original ideas.


At the basis of eco-sustainability is the Plastic Free concept, whereby a green wedding has to be free of plastic.

You can replace it with natural materials such as wood, glass, jute and straw or many other alternative solutions that are biodegradable and not harmful to the environment.

Natural materials are ideal especially for shabby chic, boho and country style weddings, particularly trendy in the wedding industry in recent years.

An eco-friendly wedding relies on recycled materials and objects to be reused in other ways, for example, pallets and glass jars can become sofas and flower pots, respectively.

It is also very important to avoid food waste, eliminating the buffet altogether and preferring a menu with courses directly at the tables.

Before looking in detail at the wedding organisation, let us dwell on the menu.



If you are vegan and have decided to propose a single menu for everyone, the choice of products and their seasonality should make the difference.

You can contact suppliers in the area to promote local trade and have 0-km products, preferring those grown locally.

The seasonality of products is also very important, choose a menu that has vegetables, fruit and other raw materials of the production period in which the wedding is celebrated.

A typical winter fruit will not taste the same in summer, and vice versa, so when dealing with the caterer, a great deal of emphasis should be placed on the quality and seasonality of the ingredients used to make the dishes on the menu. This will pleasantly surprise the guests, who will be thrilled to taste an entirely vegan lunch or dinner.



Let’s get into the nitty-gritty of organising a green wedding. The choices involve all aspects, from the bride and groom’s dresses, to the invitations, to the floral decorations, to the arrangements.



Nowadays it is possible to have a wedding dress collection, for both the groom and the bride , made entirely with eco-friendly materials.

In the ateliers you should specify that you only want clothes made of natural fibers that have not been chemically treated; among the most popular is vegan silk.

Other eco-friendly materials are jute, hemp, recycled polyester and cotton.



Invitations can be made of recycled or ecological paper. Today there is a wide range of 100% green paper available, which can also be printed on.

Alternatively, very much in vogue are plant paper invitations, made of a material that contains cellulose fiber and some seeds. If planted, a beautiful seedling will sprout after a short time.

Another option that saves materials and time, is online wedding invitations.



An eco-friendly wedding follows this common thread in all of its aspects, there are no exceptions.

For example, it is possible to make a wooden tableau de marriage, recycling pallets or wooden boxes, or, to use plant paper as for invitations.

Even the  menu  can be made with recyclable paper and eco-friendly materials.

Otherwise you can think about creating a QR code to allow consultation via smartphone.

The centerpiece can be made with plants and flowers in pots with water, instead of sponge; the place cards with seedlings that can be given to guests or with small bags containing seeds, or even oil packs or soy candles.

Even the lighting can be eco-friendly if you use lamps and lights with solar charging.

Finally, wedding favors, also eco-friendly, are the perfect conclusion to a green wedding. In this case, it is a good idea to choose something useful, possibly made by local artisans and using local raw materials.

Some ideas? Soaps, wooden chopping boards, artwork, local products, jams, local wines or handmade chocolate.

Last piece of advice? Ask for the support of a Wedding Planner specialized in this kind of event so that she can give you some advice on what is more sustainable , even for the smallest detail.

In addition, she will be able to recommend specialized suppliers and will be able to maintain sustainability without sacrificing the design and uniqueness you dream of for your big day.