The boho chic wedding is inspired by the bohemian movement and is the ideal choice for whoever wants an event characterized by creativity and positivity.
It is a kind of wedding that is mostly chosen by nonconformist couples who want to spend their wedding day surrounded by nature or in a bucolic and evocative period setting.
Boho chic meets various eras, weddings recall the details of the French Belle Epoque and that of the Hippies in the 1970s.
Every detail recalls this style: materials, fabrics, decorations, location and clothing.
Everything must be perfectly coordinated and in line with the choice of boho chic.
In order for everything to be perfect, an accurate planning is necessary.
Let’s see what choices to make when planning a boho chic wedding.


The term bohemian was used at the end of the 19th century to describe the unconventional lifestyle of French artists and intellectuals; the 2000s saw the birth of boho chic, which is based on the freedom and whimsy typical of the bohemian.
Despite the many possible variations, there are some elements that remain constant in a boho chic wedding.
The ceremony should take place outdoors, in the midst of nature or in a vintage venue; music is the leitmotif of the event, strictly live with a professional band or musicians.
The dress code is casual, transgressing all the rules of etiquette, in models and colors, embracing a retro style.
Finally, for the reception you can consider alternative choices such as a picnic.


The location is the primary element; its choice helps to create a special atmosphere from which to organize the boho chic style wedding.
As anticipated, nature is at the center of the wedding. You can choose, for example, a park in a period villa, a botanical garden, a beach or a forest.
It is also important to take into consideration the period in which the wedding will be celebrated. If you have opted for a winter celebration, it is good to have a backup plan that takes into account the weather. The most popular alternatives are: chalet, castle, vintage greenhouse.


The right decorations can transform any venue into the perfect location.
The bohemian style is nonconformist but, at the same time, provides a certain balance for each element: colors, materials, flowers and accessories.
There is no reference palette for the bohemian chic style, to make the final result look as natural as possible the important thing is to follow the details of the season and the location.
Among the most popular shades used during spring are peach, quartz pink and pale blue; while in autumn there is room for emerald green, mustard and burgundy.
Materials should refer to nature. The ideal for chairs, tables and furniture accessories is to be made of wood, straw, rattan or bamboo.
The fabrics of the clothes should be in line with the vintage style, with multicolored and floral patterns and ethnic decorations.
Small objects such as woods, amulets, feathers, candles, fresh flowers mixed with buckets and dream catchers, are perfect for decorations.
The venue should be enhanced with light chains on the plants and shrubs, while for the bouquet and centerpiece, wild flowers and herbs, spikes, small fruits are preferred. The wreath of flowers is a must-have item for the bride and bridesmaids; it can be made with jasmine, ranunculus or ivy.


The bride and groom’s clothes also do not follow the etiquette of a classic wedding. The bride can wear simple retro-style dresses, for example, a long, thin-strapped, slinky dress with a lace dressing gown and flower crown.
The groom never wears black but wears shades that recall nature such as beige, dark green or brown. He wears casual suits made of natural fabric, embellished with waistcoats, braces and bow ties.


For the dress code, guests also wear clothes in line with the boho chic style of the wedding.
Invitation cards are made of recycled paper with flower prints, in pastel colors or in beige or white.
Favors recall nature: small seedlings, bonsai trees, jars with jams, or small amulets made of wood or other natural material.
Finally, for the wedding cake, the most suitable choice for a boho chic wedding is the naked cake, without frosting and made in several tiers, elegant and with fresh and dried blooms.

Photo by Hannah Busing on Unsplash