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Destination wedding in Umbria

Do you live abroad and dream of getting married in Umbria? Then destination wedding is the right solution for you. You will be able to organize your wedding in one of the many magical locations in the region, without having to give up your desires.

In the past years, more and more couples have decided to celebrate their wedding away from home, perhaps for reasons related to memories of a particular place, or simply because they want to spend a few days holiday there.

The destination wedding brings together the two things, combining an important event like the wedding with a trip. A real honeymoon in the chosen place, where you will be able to spend the first days of your new life together.

When planning a long-distance marriage, the organization is way more complicated:

location, meetings with suppliers, bureaucracy and any emergencies that may occur at the last minute.

For a wedding destination in Umbria without any stress, you can turn to a professional wedding planner, to whom you can entrust all the organization and free yourself from the commitments and anxiety of preparations.

If you have to leave from abroad to get married in Italy, having someone who knows your language and is fully capable of understanding your needs, is crucial  for a tailor-made wedding.


Wedding in Umbria: why so do many couples choose it

Umbria is a small region at the center of the Italian peninsula, its territory is almost entirely hilly, offering breathtaking scenery and very suggestive atmospheres. 

It is mainly known for its medieval imprint, easily recognizable from the monuments, churches and basilicas found throughout the region.

And also by the traditions and customs of the inhabitants, whose current culture is deeply rooted in their roots.

Anyone who has visited it has taken a lasting memory with them. Getting married in Umbria means having access to dream locations such as castles, medieval villages, basilicas, luxury villas, farmhouses, cottages and much more.

Among the most popular locations for foreign brides and grooms are the Castle of Rosciano Castle, the Castle of Montignano, the Cathedral of Orvieto, the Abbey of San Pietro in Valle, the castle of Petrata, and the Temple of Santa Maria della Consolazione.

Some villas were also in particular demand, such as: Villa Valentini Bonaparte, Villa De Domo Alberini, Villa Pieve Country House. 

How do you organize a destination wedding?

In this case, one must also speak of a weekend wedding, because a wedding that involves the organization in another country, including moving guests, requires more days. 

To organize the destination wedding in the best possible way, you must necessarily turn to a wedding planner, who is indispensable to manage everything perfectly.

Transfers, guests and spouses’ accommodations, ceremony and reception, organization of sightseeing tours for fun and entertainment activities. Those are just some of the activities the professional will take care of. 

Accommodation, activities, food and lodging are often offered by the bride and groom to their guests, which is why a higher budget than the usual one will be necessary.

Guests can stay in the same accommodation, so that they can feel part of a group and share the destination wedding atmosphere together.

For couples coming from abroad who want to get married in Umbria or, more generally, in Italy, a bureaucratic process is required that involves several documents in order for everything to run smoothly. 

The documentation to be submitted varies according to the couple’s country of origin; the wedding planner will take care of everything.

Why should you choose a wedding planner to plan your wedding in Umbria?

It is evident that organizing a wedding in Umbria from abroad is very difficult, there are several barriers to overcome, including language barriers.

Contacting suppliers and finding reliable ones requires time, as does being able to organize the ceremony and the location on your own, without having a point of reference.

Not to mention the bureaucratic part, which can become a major obstacle if you do not know the process and do not have the necessary contacts in your home country and in Italy.


A wedding planner in Umbria solves all these problems, takes care of the entire event, deals with the bureaucratic part, the search for suppliers, the organization of the ceremony and reception, as well as transfer, guest accommodations and entertainment activities, and much more. 

By relying on this professional, you and your partner will only have to enjoy the trip and the stay and concentrate on the most important day of your life.